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CUBE Consultants – An Architectural Visionary Studio based in Cairo, Egypt, was founded in 1990 by Dr. Ashraf Abdel Mohsen, Ain Shams University – Architecture Professor and a firm believer that “The quality of Architecture could impact the Quality of Life”.

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Ashraf Abdel Mohsen is the founder of Cube Consultants, an architectural visionary studio based in Cairo, Egypt. He began his journey in 1986 when he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Design from Ain Shams University; he continued his educational career pursuing his masters in 1992 and later his doctorate in the year 2000. Abdel Mohsen started his career as a professor teaching university student the art of architecture. His passion for architecture extended beyond the classroom which led to establishing Cube Consultants.

At the heart of Cube Consultants are several talented designers as well as creatives that work closely with one another in order to create and implement unique visions across Egypt. Abdel Mohsen was determined to transform Egypt into the developed and luxurious country it once was, which is why he and his team worked to develop a plan to modify the iconic city of Giza. This led to the company hitting its very own milestone when it began proposing ideas to enhance Egypt’s downtown area to the Government in 2005.

When the Egyptian revolution broke out, many changes began to occur throughout the country. Abdel Mohsen believed he was one step closer to achieving his lifelong dreams of transforming Egypt; however, the country’s level of uncertainty caused a huge setback to his initial plans. After a considerable amount of introspection, Abdel Mohsen decided to channel this fearful energy into something that could potentially benefit his beloved Egypt. Thus, led to the birth of a non-governmental organization called Remal.

The main goal behind launching Remal was to promote sustainable urban expansion in a way that would cultivate Egypt’s desired vision while simultaneously adhering to international standards that benefits the overall community. Remal’s driving force is to raise awareness about the importance of education and its tremendous impact on society as a whole. The Remal foundation played a significant role in proposing the “712 vision”, a project aimed to develop new methods to expand Egypt.

After overcoming many challenges along the way, Abdel Mohsen and his team decided to establish 5+ Urban Development Consortium, a company that provides investors with various architectural services. The largest project to date was to design several buildings in the new administrative capital.

Continuing on his path down Egyptian development, Abdel Mohsen and his architectural team established 5+ Urban Development Consortium. Their primary focus was to provide investors with various architectural services. The largest project to date was with the Egyptian government to spearhead a conceptual design for the new administrative capital, which is expected to become the new epicenter of Egypt.

Alongside these massive strides forward, Abdel Mohsen and a close friend and colleague Dr. Somaya Bahy Eldin collaborated on the establishment of a new creative hub, Akela Studio. Akela was founded on the ideology that beauty can be created and fostered with one simple touch. The vibrant, cheerful, colorful and creative spirit is what garnered Akela access to participate in the 2019 Gouna Film Festival.

Abdel Mohsen is currently working on reviving Ancient Egyptian roots and applying various historical concepts into the field of urban and architectural design. He created “Tutera” in order to study the designs and inspiration behind ancient Egypt’s symbolic creations, while reformulating these concepts in a contemporary unique manner.

220 Crown Building - 2nd sector, 5th Settlement, New Cairo, Egypt

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